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Kyluke McDougall

Spends most of his time creating havoc and designing practical jokes.
Current occupation: Solutions Architect at Orbis Software

My story

I started learning python in high school and moved in to C++ later on.

I started studying Electrical Engineering in 2011 for 2 years before branching off into electronics and micro-controllers which I then specialized in. I have a background in IT, mainly programming and networking.

During my time at university I was trained as a tutor, assisted my HOD with administration and managing certain classes. This is when I started getting involved in databases and web applications. I was part of a 2 man team which developed and implemented a student registration and management tool which was accessed via a web front end. In 2014 I started my job as Solutions Architect at Orbis Software in Johannesburg, South Africa. We distribute an integration software called TaskCentre for which I develop demo’s and solutions for while also managing the technical department.


Embedded C
Microchip controllers


2011 – 2013Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Electrical Engineering - Computer Systems

2012South African Army Gymnasium
Officer Formatives

2013Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Cisco Certified Network Associate 4

Work experience

2014 – Current Solutions Architect - Orbis Software i

- Development of enterprise business process automation and integration solutions - Developing in house methods and procedures for the technical department - Provide technical training for TaskCentre and it's integration modules - Sales and pre-sales, includes live demonstrations and scoping sessions - Systems administrator - Head of technical department

2012 – Current Lieutenant - South African National Defence Force

2011 – Current Software Developer - kyco software development i

Started a software development & consulting company with a friend in 2011.We mainly focus on specialised software and contract work. We do have side projects which can be found at http://www.github.com/kyco I focus on desktop applications and scripts but have been involved in various websites and web applications

2011 – 2012 Web Application Developer - CPUT i

I was part of a 2 man team which developed the registration software for the Electrical Engineering Extended program. The registration software would allow students and lecturers to track the students progress across the years. The languages and software packages used: Programming languages: - PHP for the backend processing of information. - HTML to provide a GUI. - Javascript to make some functions easier to use and for more dynamic web pages. Javascript was also used for page tracking and usage statisitcs (Google Analytics). Software packages used: - Apache to serve the websites. This includes php5 & various securitymodules. - MySQL for the database server. - Git for version control. Additional information: - The server runs Sabayon x64 - The server is maintained by students whom I have trained.

2012 – 2013 Tutor - CPUT i

Set up tutorial sessions. Taught students C programming and various Microsoft Office products. Invigilated and marked test. Administration

2012 – 2013 STEM - CPUT i

Encouraging children in high school to pick up a career in STEM.To promote mathematics and science in high schools. I was part of a team that is lead by Mr Rhyme Setshedi & Aysha Abrahams. We collaborated with a university in Utah, to build projects that are presented to high school children, in order to encourage them to pick mathematics and science in high school.Our last project was a catapult which illustrated the the use of mathematics in conjunction with physics to launch projectiles.

2008 – 2009 Technician Yes Xpress i

Sold PC equipment, built custom PC's and repaired both hardware and software on Windows & Linux systems.